For Campers And Outdoor Enthusiasts – Mosquito Netting Is Recommended

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For Campers And Outdoor Enthusiasts – Mosquito Netting Is Recommended

Mosquito netting is important because it prevents an insect bite that carries infectious diseases. It comes in a variety of shapes, colors and purposes. Here are some guidelines for you to choose the perfect mosquito netting.

1) Size and shape: The net size should be spacious. It should have enough space to cover your whole body while sleeping. The mosquito netting should provide you with your needed air circulation. A mosquito net with holes of 1.2mm x 1.2mm is the most used and most recommended. More on this website @

Rectangular mosquito nettings are more advisable because they provide much-needed space for you and your friends. Pyramid-shaped mosquito nets could be used for individual purposes.

2) Material: Two most common materials are used in mosquito netting polyester and cotton. Mosquito netting made of polyester is lightweight that could be used for camping and other traveling needs. It lasts longer than cotton nets because cotton is not water-resistant and weighs more when wet. But cotton mosquito netting could offer a more comfortable rest when used outdoors. Both of these kinds of netting are available in different sizes and thicknesses of thread used.

Purchasing a net sprayed with high-quality insecticides is recommended for a more efficient mosquito net. If the nets are pre-treated with insecticides, the mosquito net repellant could be useful at least a year, depending on heat and rain exposure. If insecticides are no longer there, you could always buy from your nearest store.

3) Purpose: The mosquito netting is perfect for several situations. It could be used outside of your backyard as gazebos and umbrellas. It could be used in your house as doors, windows and balconies. It could be used in traveling and in camping. Whatever the case, it could be used anywhere you go.

4) Variety: The mosquito netting can be purchased in several styles and shapes for your preference. Here are some of the basic kinds of mosquito nets available in stores.

* Head and body nets: These kinds of nets are usually used outdoors in camping and dealing with swarms of mosquitoes. Nets are available to cover any part of the body, or the whole body itself.

* Indoor nets: Indoor nets are used in a repellant of insects inside the house. It is to protect your children and yourself from future insect bites. It is used in screening doors, and windows, as draperies, and many more.

* Hanging nets: These mosquito nets are hung from the top of your house and tucked into the floor. They are the type of nets that is best used as an umbrella, for balconies, and for a larger area to cover.

* Equipment nets: These are special types of equipment produced with mosquito netting. This includes a baby stroller net, bed canopies, and many more.

Now that you know how to buy the perfect mosquito netting for you, invest now and experience the protection your family would maintain.

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