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Pest Control – Mice

Rodent pest control is necessary as these pests are not only annoying but they carry vermin and disease. Normally with summer, there is plenty of food sources for them but sometimes they will be attracted to what has been left out on the sink or not been swept up.

This is when they move homes and can quietly and easily move into roof attic or basements and venture out at night for their feeding ritual. The rodent then has everything at their fingertips with both water and food sources available to them.Rodent Control

You may be alerted of their presence with the dropping that they leave behind. Maybe you learned mice have been in the microwave or toaster that has not been cleaned out leaving lots of crumbs that they can eat at leisure.

Many times though there is not just one rodent there are a couple. And if there is a couple you may end up with many! In the early days, you may not see them as they are nocturnal and come out to eat at night. If you see them during the day you will no doubt have a problem.

Rodent pest control is needed when you discover mice poo on the floor or in your cupboards, microwave, and toaster.

Usually, rodents are not seen during the day as they are nocturnal and you may first become aware of them as you lay in bed and hear them scamper around in your attic.

Rodents are not like the Disney characters that are portrayed as cute and cuddly. They are disease-ridden after frequenting sewers and drains.

They also eat both human and animal waste and they will frequent your home and urinate where they have been.

In your home, if housekeeping is not kept up to date they will be attracted to water sources from a leaking tap, dishes left in the sink, pet food left out, and floors and sinks that have food left on them.rat control

Some will lay traps and jump for joy if they trap one mouse or rat, but believe me in most cases if you find one rodent you will usually find another.

In the right conditions, rodents are prolific breeders and if you have not ventured into an attic or basement lately you may find you have a rat’s nest full of new rodents to invade you. That is why rodent pest control services are needed to eradicate rodents so you will again become pest-free.

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